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Welcome to Wheatacres

Wheatacres Irrigation Inc. focuses on the revolutionary K-Line Irrigation system that is taking the industry by storm. For over thirty-five years, Larry Kaseberg and Wheatacres Irrigation have been providing expertise and irrigation products of the highest quality.

The K-Line Irrigation system is just that; high quality. But it is also easy to use and move. So with such a revolutionary product, Wheatacres has evolved and now focuses on this fantastic product.

We invite you to read more on the K-Line system by using the helpful links on the K-Line page. You can even watch this amazing irrigation system in action by clicking on the video link. Print out the brochures and the installation/operation manual to get an in-depth feel for the system.

More likely than not, this is the system for you. Give us a call. We use it; we sell it.


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