K Line Irrigation

image008-1K Line is a revolutionary flexible hose line sprinkler irrigation system designed to reduce the time and money you spend on irrigation. At the heart of the system is a series of small, tough plastic pods protecting a small sprinkler firmly attached to special K Line low density poly pipe.  The system can be run on low pressure and is designed to distribute water on a slow absorption method for up to a 24 hour period, firstly, to eliminate the need to shift irrigation several times a day and, secondly, to allow maximum absorption into the soil, reducing run-off and pooling. K Line uses less water much more effectively. K Line is also very flexible.  Variables such as running time per day/night, rotations, application rates etc., can be easily adjusted to suit your farm management style. Stock can also continue to use the pastures being irrigated.

Each pasture has its own sprinkler line, customized to suit the size and shape of the pasture, and is run simultaneously depending on water supply. However, you don’t need to run them all at once.  You may choose to run only what’s needed, or what’s available depending on your water constraints. The small, flexible, strong, lightweight lines can be shifted in only minutes by a 4 wheeled motor bike, by simply driving across the pasture.

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